Hazel Hypnotic has worked strictly as a BDSM model and assistant to PD, owner and founder of Intersec, for the last few years. During her first experiences with some kinky fetish play, before her Intersec days, she didn't expect to enjoy it but like so many others, the lifestyle drew her back in until she was hooked for life. There were never even any fantasies that she had that involved bondage probably  because the only sex she was exposed to was plain vanilla stuff.

Well, If you're looking for plain vanilla you won't find it on kinkster havens like Hardtied, Sexually Broken or Infernal Restraints because girls like Hazel who need to be humiliated and objectified to find their happy place are what we focus on filming for every BDSM aspirant or enthusiast.
In her RealTimeBondage.com series called "Training of H" you will get your first glimpse of what it's like for a submissive slut to go through a twenty four hour training in hard rope and metal bondage. Every single detail about her becomes more significant with so much time to focus on every area individually.

The eight part series covers the entire 24 hour ordeal from cutting her dress off and suspending her in bondage, naked and ignored, to enclosing her head in a custom made metal box and her feet in stocks to block out all sensation. All except the ones we want her to feel. Being unable to see what's happening and having someone stimulate your bound extremities is something she will never forget and something she doesn't want to forget. Insex on Demand has the whole series available right now and so many more fascinating and memorable scenes.

Fortunately for kinksters everywhere, Hazel Hypnotic has also accepted a number of roles behind the scenes at our studio. Working in many capacities to keep things running smoothly, Hazel jumps from videography to editing to helping PD build sets and devices.